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Twitter Assignment

My, my, my, twitter has been some experience! as some one on the verge of being old and out of touch, this whole twitter revolution is, well too much. I suppose twitter is to the computer savvy what texting is to me, the textaholic (and let me be the first to say ain’t nothing wrong with that, lol!). Perhaps if I had a personal computer and Internet things would be more understandable. I mean having a computer on my lap would give me the option to explore and post to twitter while I am surfing the net and if I didn’t have to park twelve miles away from the public library (exaggeration for emphasis,lol) then trek to use some computer that hundreds of germ covered hands have used all day maybe I could get into the idea of twitting. Wait, I take that back, Iam a oober private person so the idea of letting many people know what I’m doing at the moment or where I’m located is kind of creepy. I mean really couldn’t they have used better terminology than “following”? the thought alone of people following me creeps me out.

I do however think the idea of meeting people in my industry (ADVERTISING ROCKS!!) is cool and a great way to start building relationships. I wish that twitter had some expansions. First, the length of the post!! I may have a lot to say(as I often do, which I refer to it as only child syndrome,lol) and it would be nice if I could use more than 10 words to say it! Next, I would love if things were more spread out and detailed. I would love to have a space just for me that I could explore who people were or the industry with out been forced to read the comments. Then maybe a disclaimer, I am a little uncomfortable typing little comments and posts using everyday common casual language if a potential employer is looking at it. Lastly, and most importantly I would love it if I could actually find out if the people claiming to be executives or big wig and insiders to an industry were actually who they said they were.

My week of twitter was interesting to say the least but a little unfulfilling because of my lack of a personal computer and not being a heavy web surfer. I like to read the comments and tried searching for things and maybe as I get more comfortable with it and get a computer I will learn to enjoy it and be able to fully utilize twitter but right now I am still confused and still grasping for dear life hoping I don’t miss an assignment since I am striving for an A average in this class.

Thank you all for listening,


T, #PRCA2330 spring 09

P.S. all the votes for my receiving an A in this class so my teacher Dr. Nixon could see them would be great,lol!!



  Barbara Nixon wrote @

Thanks for your thoughts on the One Week of Twitter assignment.

And there’s no way you’re “old and on the verge of being out of touch.”

  tb718 wrote @

Thanks! How do I know my grade?

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