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evolution of public relations class assignment

During our group discussion project, I learned a lot about the history of public relations. It was amazing to see how ancient people in ancient times were creating and utilizing public relations. It was cool to read about the different ways people communicated and got news out. I was probably most intrigued by the use of public relations through the church. I thought to myself how the same tactics are used today. I thought of the extreme tactics used to play with people’s faith and law by the church, and how people still hold the values taught during those times are still in effect today. Then I thought about how the Islamic religion is doing the same public relations tools to convert believers and non believers to Islam to fight “a holy war.” That historic fact of public relations really surprised me and the same time sparked my curiosity. I began to think of all the other historic events that have been fueled by public relations. For example, George Creel’s pr campaign during world war one to influence people’s opinions of the war or Teddy Roosevelt’s use of press conferences to build support of himself and his causes. Being from Detroit, learning about Henry Ford’s use of public relations to build interests in his new industry and his new cars including the model T. Ironically, the factory where the first model T’s were manufactured is only a few miles from the home I grew up in.
It is also good to know the evolution public relations has made including the large amount of women in the industry.


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