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now if i could just figure out how to break into the advertising world!

personal notes from chapter 3

1. I found the four-way test rotary international used for ethical descision making kind of funny and broad…if we thought like that all of the time and used it to make all of our choices we would never advance…
2.Are we ever off from work in the new world? the arthur w. pagee society called for memebers follow itd guidelines of
disclosing any affiliations in chatroom postings, offer opportunities for dialogue and interaction with experts, reveal the background of experts, disclosing any potential conflicts of interest or anonymous econimic support of content and practice principled leadership int the digital world, adhering to the highest standars…i mean why is it our business if someone goo at their “JOB” goes home and chats about their favorite porn star? its not illegal and should have nothing to do with how they handle the image of a company
3.The flog wal_mart blog! im confused how good of a pr stunt would it have been if the eldlmans had bad wal-mart experience? i mean they had to be paid (even though it wouldve been better if someonelike consumer reports were bankrolling things), who else (or why else) would anyone buy and RV pay for gas to drive all over the country and “test” out their experiences at walmart?


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