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Wag the dog

I believe the value orientation that the Conrad Brean, the public relations practitioner exemplified was that of absolutism. Conrad Brean (Robert DeNiro) didn’t care about the consequence of his actions for himself nor the country. He felt as though the only decision to be made was how to get the president re-elected and get the American public distracted from the sex scandal.
A good example of this is the fact that the president was caught with an underage girl scout and instead of using tools to help investigate and show how wrong this was, Conrad Brean attempted to cover up the president’s action at least until re-election and hopefully beyond.
The PR practitioner was unethical in many ways. The first is that he is not serving the public interest and is lying by creating a false distraction from a real problem.
The logic behind the phrase wag the dog is, to me, that someone is always getting swayed and sometimes fooled. We as a society should be serving each other because in actuality we would be serving ourselves since we are equally a part of the society in which live. Unfortunately, groups of society often try to persuade other parts to get them to believe or feel a certain way. Us vs. them. In the movie, the us was a few people who wanted to persuade the American public to feel a certain way and ignore certain behaviors.
In my opinion this movie reinforced the negative stereotypes of public relations professionals, media professionals, politicians and Hollywood professionals. Wag the dog made PR professionals seem unethical and unconcerned with the public or morals.


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