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I found this interesting. It is a story about a dental student at Marquette who got suspended becasue of comments he made on his personal blog. This raises one of my biggest concerns with blogs, social network sites and internet use…what things are actual personal and private and at what point do we want to draw the line between where our employers, teachers and (past aquaintances…you know the pesky ex best-friend that you now hate or the ex who you now can’t beleive you ever dated) or any one we dont want in our personal business and thoughts have a right to judge us by what we post as private?


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  Cinnamon Cameron wrote @

This is an interesting point, Tico. Unfortunately, just like Professor Nixon has discussed in class, anything placed on almost any social media website such as Twitter, Facebook and your blog is open to the public. Whether or not employers and schools have the right to explore these sites and judge the content is questionable, but they are doing it anyway! We should all be careful what information we place out there for the world to know!

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