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another 48 hours of twitter(repost) from 4-22-09

 When first using twitter, i had no idea how it worked or what it was so it seemed pointless. The second time around twitter has been a great deal easier to navigate and little less stressful. Although, i still dont completely understand it I know what to expect from it. I have used twitter all though out the semester and have found to be more beneficial than I ever couldve imagined.

Everyone is using twitter which makes me feel current and as I learn more I am finding professionals and graduate students on twitter that I have contacted with or at least been able to ask a few questions. i like the fact that I can read thoughts people have and really enjoy being able to view the links  people post. I feel twitter has been a good way to stay connected and current. I find that twitter is helpful when just asking simple question.

There have however, been some drawbacks. Twitter is better suited for people who have time to sit by a computer or be on their phone all day. If you are not one of  those people it feels like you typing into space most of the time. Its unfortunate becasue  if I asked a random question about something I would really like to know about and don’t direct it to anyone I have to sit by and wait for an answer which is difficult if I have to do something that’s not directly in front of my computer screen. I wish there was a better way to stay connected without having to be on twitter all the time. Another problem I think is the ability to find exact people. I would love there to be a way to search for categories and companies so I could narrow down the search of who i wanted to twit with.

Overall, I think the twitter experience through out the semester has been very beneficial and helpful. The last 48 hours have been much better than the first.



  Cinnamon Cameron wrote @

Tico, I am glad you are liking Twitter! It is fairly complicated at first, but I am happy you are getting the hang of it!

  tb718 wrote @

i am so glad you posted a comment on my blog!! yes i use twiiter randomly and am getting more comfy with it!!

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