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Seth Godwin’s Tribes

Tribes by Seth Godin
How to find Tribes

What did I learn?
• I learned that tribes are an imaginative way to look at how we connect with the rest of the world. Tribes are an idea about how people gather into “tribes” of people who are similar to one another. The internet has closed the gap between people and made the world bigger giving people more options to find tribes to belong to. I was excited to discover that social networking is more than what I imagined. Social media is actually the new media. For social and business purposes, social media and the internet are the new way for tribes to be created, exchange information and stay connected. The internet and social networking has tremendous power and you don’t everyone, you just need a few people to make an impact.
What surprised me?
• I was surprised to find out how many people used social media and the internet to become hugely successful. I was also surprised to hear that many companies are finally catching on and taking a cue from the social networking phenomena.
What I want to know more about?
• I would love to know more about the tribe process and how it has been implemented in business. I thinking learning about how companies and corporate America are using and implementing new methods of communication to make money is something I can learn and perhaps use as a study guide on how to prepare myself for the market place.


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