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TEN interview tips!

My interview tips!

  1.  Know the position you are interviewing for. Do some basic research on the type of tasks that are associated with the job your interviewing for.
  2. Know what type of company it is you are interviewing with and some recent news about the company.
  3. Know your field. Take the time to look at industry magazines and website so you are aware of current trends in your industry.
  4. Have a resume free of error.
  5. Look presentable. Be in business attire and conservatively which includes hair styles, nails, accessories and the covering of tattoos.
  6. Practice with someone reciting facts about you, and then do it in the mirror the night before to become comfortable speaking about yourself.
  7. Do some research on the person interviewing you.
  8. Be on early!!
  9. Be energetic and positive. Use a positive attitude to help you speak with better conviction and poise.
  10. RELAX! You are human.

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