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News University–Language of the image

84934596At first, I was unclear of what I was actually doing. I was prepared for a traditional online class, you know the ones that give information in paragraph form then ask you multiple choice questions about it. However after several minutes (about 33 to be exact) I realized that I the goal was to learn from the photos and how they are used. I found this technique very effective and refreshing. I learned how important images and photography are to everything especially a story. Being a visual learner, I was surprised how much goes into the review of a photo. I can appreciate a good photo and recognize its power and impact but I was surprised at all the criteria used to establish value and characteristics of photos. There are many more things I would like to learn about in regards to photography. I would love to learn how a photographer distinguishes what moments will most impactful in a photograph, especially with limited time and split second decision making. What love to learn how to not only take photographs but analyze the many facets of the picture and be able to use it to fulfill my objective. For example, I would love to learn what type of photos I can use connect most with people in my target demographics when I am creating a layout for an advertisement. I would also love to learn how to direct a photo shoot, layout or situation to be able to set the right environment to create high quality, artful and effective photos.


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