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segmenting publics

During the summer semester we have talked at great length about how important connecting with your desired public is which has lead me to take notice of what type of publics are around me here in Statesboro. For my organization I had to think long and hard about what was the best approach to connect with a potential audience. I had to determine who the mass audience in the Statesboro area was and then I had to narrow down my objectives and focus on my target market. I started by determining the different types of public characteristics and began the process of segmenting my target audience so I could produce a more effective brochure.
By completing the segmentation group project in class I was a bit more aware about the different demographics that lead to psychographics and sociographics segmentation. I determined that to create the best brochure I would need to market to a segment opposite of myself and try and make my brochure connect with the public in an emotional manner. I need to be able to effectively use segmentation to connect with my target audience, while exposing them in a creative way to important information. For my brochure I plan to use information that seems most likely to inform and effect my target segment emotionally hopefully making them more aware and willing to give back to the community around them. By learning about just how public relations segmentation works during class I feel like I have a good chance of reaching people and making a difference in this community and in the lives of others.


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