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CRAP: Repetition

repetition CRAP which stands for, contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity, is an acronym for design created by Robin Williams. Robin Williams is the author of the helpful guide book to web design principals called “The Non- Designer’s Web Book”. I would like to highlight the repetition principal.
Repetition is rhythm produced by repeating color, line, form, etc (“strategic publications, designing for target publics” Morton, 2006). Many things come into play when you design a publication whether it is web or print. You must create visual readability. Visual readability is defined as the ease with which readers take in a publication page or the ability to merge and design text and art in a cohesive, creative and compelling way. Think of it this way, anything created and published can become art to the eye evoking intended or unintended feelings, emotions or actions. When you implement repetition you create as sense of continuity and rhythm by doing things repeatedly and consistently. Similar to the beat in your favorite song, repetition in design creates visual rhythm by using the same lines, fonts, colors, pictures and form. When you use the same type of elements the reader’s eye easily cascades across your publication. Using repetition, the reader’s eye is escorted across the publication in a way that becomes familiar and harmonious. For example, when a designer uses the same color throughout the publication the piece becomes one cohesive unit. If you were designing something for Georgia Southern University, let’s say, and decided to use the school colors you would want to stick with those colors throughout the whole publication to give the reader as sense of uniformity. The same goes with art work, you want to use the same type of art work or idea to ensure that your publication flows together and the reader becomes used to the pattern and rhythm. Repetition is a very important aspect of publication design and is key to keeping your theme going throughout your publication.


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