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what if poor people had access to public relations?

Who speaks for the poor? How do they get their voice heard? What if poor people had access to public relations? Would the world change of be different? I believe the answer is yes. Ironically, people are taught how important groups are and working together yet the people who have no choice but to follow those rules are the people who do not have a voice and do not get heard. I’d like to use hurricane Katrina victims for example, if the poor people had a voice would they still be left to fend for themselves? If the people in the 9th ward of New Orleans knew how to write a press release detailing the storm that was approaching and the lackluster condition of the levees do you think the press would have a paid attention? What if those dying of hungry and thirst knew how to call a press conference to discuss the dire conditions they were experiencing post levee break, do you think then people would have paid attention? What about if the members of the 9th ward mostly poor and undedicated, knew that the best way to get help through duty, or at the very least sympathy was to choose what images were released to press by strategically picking images of less poor, less uneducated and less Black babies, children and elderly then were actually effected, would that have changed the response time? If the community of the 9th ward knew how to market themselves as important and influential that they would have their homes rebuilt by the insurance companies like many of the wealthy that continue to re-build their million dollar summer homes on exclusive areas of the gulf coast after storms?
I wonder what would happen if poor people had access to public relations


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