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Has Toyota used public relations effectively?

how do you go from a brand with one of the most solid reputations to facing crisis in a matter of days? Bad public relations. When Toyota first found out about the acceleration problems with their vehicles a smart choice would have been to acknowledge the problem and offer to fix it rather than getting defensive, blaming the drivers and then later coming clean about the manufacturing problems. Toyota should have addressed the problem head on instead of covering it up in Watergate type secret emails. Now, Toyota is at a point where they not only have to deal with fixing the initial problem but rebuilding their reputation and customer satisfaction. They have started with a new line up of commercials that showcase new Toyota owners who are expressing their unfaltering support of Toyota cars and Toyota factory workers expressing their dedication to making a good product. Although, I think the commercials are a good idea I think a good way to get people to start to trust in Toyota again is a few PSA’s or personal commercial for the CEO and the President of Toyota, North America just show some concern from the top down.


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