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can public relations change society?

Shock Jock Howard Stern recently earned criticism for his opinions of new Hollywood starlet Gabourey Sidibe. Sidibe plays in the film “precious” and is an overweight dark skinned African-American actress whom Stern thinks Hollywood will never let become famous outside of playing roles about ugly, fat, black women due to her looks and size. Although several have come to the young actresses’ defense, I wonder how accurate Stern actually is.
How many other fat actresses are superstars? What about dark skinned Black actresses? A combination of both? There are virtually no actresses who break the mold when it comes to superstars. So could Stern be right? Can all the right public relations change the status quo of beauty?
I believe that unfortunately, like Stern, she will always be typecast and after her fame from the movie Precious fades she will either play only similar roles or none at all simply because of her looks. Hollywood is a very fickle place and prides itself on a particular look and I don’t think that all the positive PR in the world could really change that. If people, women in particular, learned to love themselves for who they were and not for who Hollywood tells them they should be who would buy all the magazines and follow all the celebrities?


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