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Am I ready for the world of Public Relations?

As the semester comes to a close, I wonder how important my newly earned degree in public relations actually is. I hear professors of public relations repeat the importance of public relations but then when your out in the world there is a different story. Are companies clamoring to hire public relations graduates? No, more likely accountants and engineers. I wish that in my short time at Georgia Southern University I could have gotten a more hands on approach to PR versus term paper and theory education. It seems like people in other majors come out of school prepared to work in their fields, not come out of school looking for experience to put on a resume since the degree means little to nothing. Perhpas the PR department would be off being a working PR firm where students actually work at the firm not spend time writing term papers or taking tests or the worst having a huge “real” experience project crammed in the end of the semester. Perhaps, I would feel more confindnet if knew about how public realtions firms work, had actual public relation experience (earned during school) or didn’t have to spend so much time reminded myself that school is abosilutely NOTHING like school. No, you dont loose points for being tardy and no, you are not expected to get fired on your training but hey I guess there is a reason you go to college straight out of high shcool…you have never been out in the world so you dont know any better.