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Archive for chapters:all from “public relations: strategies and tactics” 9th edition by dennis l wilcox and glen t cameron

chapter 11

This chapter covered diversity in communication and public relations. The chapter explains how to reach different diverse groups and making them work for your company. The chapter talked about the differences social and ethnic groups and how to reach that audience.


chapter 9

in chapter 9 we begin to delve into some communication theories. This chapter looks mass media and its role using the agenda setting theory, media dependancy theory framing theory and the conflict theory. We begin to see how public relations is viewed by the public and while persuasuion and propagand play a role.

chapter 8 overview

how is the efectiveness of public relations measured? this chapter discussed how and why evaluation is used. This chapter explores the basica evaluations questions

  • was the activity of the program adequatly planned?
  • did the recipients of the message understand it?
  • How could the programs strategey have been more effective?
  • were all primary and secondary audiences reached?
  • was the desired organizational objective acheived?
  • what unforseen circumstances affected the success of the program or activity?
  • did the program or activity fall within the budget set for it?
  • what steps can be taken to improve the success of similar future activities?

chapter 14

sample press release

sample press release

this chapter was about press releases, photos, fact sheets and pitch letters and the means to distribute them. A copy of a media kit i complete will be posted as soon as it is released back to me….during this time we also got a chance to find a press release and learn the why some want the press release to “die”

die press release die

die press release die

chapter 7 notes

this chapter was about how public relations professionals communicate their message to the public.  The 5 objectives of a pr communicator are

  • message exposure
  • accurate dissemination of the message
  • acceptance of the message
  • attitude change
  • change in overt behavior

how communication works was also discussed in this chapter,

chapter 6

A large part of public relations is planning. This chapter discusses the value of planning as well as approaches to planning. The chapter also reveals what a program plan is and why it is important. I found a sound bite about strategic planning that goes along with this chapter

chapter 5

the importance of research…to properly prepare any public relations the proper research must occur. researched is used to determine many key points including formulating a stratagey, prevent crisis and sway public opinion. The two types of research that are conducted are qualitative adn quantitative. qualitative research is soft data that uses content analysis, interviews, focus groups, copy testing and ethnographic techniques. Quantitative research is considered hard data that provides statistical information. learning about research is a good way to gain access to the trends in society and a way to reach out and connect with the public.