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interesting look at PR, mass communication and propaganda


chapter 14

sample press release

sample press release

this chapter was about press releases, photos, fact sheets and pitch letters and the means to distribute them. A copy of a media kit i complete will be posted as soon as it is released back to me….during this time we also got a chance to find a press release and learn the why some want the press release to “die”

die press release die

die press release die

Dominos pizza

this is a news clip based on the video shown in class about the two Dominos employees. I am so glad Dominos addressed this issue in the same manner it was posted…socially. I think that was a great move to reach people and address the video.

interesting take on PR vs Journalism

in a time of crisis

In todays class we talked about the impact a pr professional makes in times of crisis. it definately made me think about how prepared a pr person has to be at all times to help the company and the public make it through a tragid situation. When a pr professional sticks by thier ethics I think the pr professional is the hero by helping mend wounds and relax the pulic through times of crisis but when a pr professional uses sneaky means to distract or mislead the public I loathe them! I would never want to be put in the position to be responsible for making sure things look a certain way in a time of crisis…

wkrp in cincinnati

I remember this show from my youth. I loved the theme song and still have it embeded in my fond memories! I really enjoy the way Dr. Nixon showed how public relations is intertwined into many aspects of our society beyond public relations firms and celebrities. This particular episode demonstrated how important effective pr actually is and how events take planning and skill. I thought it was a creative way to show how pr was tangible outside of the classroom setting.

wednesday class, podcast

Episode #150 of Six Pixels of Separation – The Twist Image Podcast.
This episode is Mitch Joel going on about how he feels about social networking and the shifting landscape in media. At the same time he is talking about taking a night to go over his thoughts he talks about how amazing it is for people to just express their feelings. This podcasts expresses how everything and everyone can be linked in by all these networks. By companies and people taking advantage of them they have the ability to connect with people they may have otherwise have no access to.
This is really a great eye opener to see how many industries have scrambled to figure how to connect with people and their consumers. He talks about how great it is for companies to take advantage of these sites as well as conferences about these social network sites.
I disagree with him in several ways. Although I think it is great for a company to listen to the voice of millions on a people but I feel like it has to be done with such a high level of responsibility. Once caller speaks about apple who in his words turned their nose up at twitter and as twitter grows he doesn’t feel sorry for a company who ignored the importance with connecting with their public. I agree the caller and any company should always be open with ways to connect with potential public but as Mitch states it is important to realize this is still experimental. I believe that a few random unthought out statements may not be the concrete evidence to judge the thoughts of the masses as some may think. I totally agree with Mitch by saying we need to give it time and let evolve.