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now if i could just figure out how to break into the advertising world!

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the blurring of private and professional



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can it really be this difficult to post a powerpoint!?


Go spartans!

Go spartans!

Gooooo STATE!!!

and to think i was set up to go…

love this blog


trying really hard…random thoughts

i am trying really hard to stay abreast of this thing, while learning how to use it and make it better. some days i am just proud to say i have a blog and other days i want to figure out how to make one of those cool blog i c on the internet. Some days i want to make my blog accessible to many people so that can read my thoughts and feelings and other days i want to go back to the good ol days of pre internet. i have so much to say and so much to learn and i just wish i had ability to learn faster,lol! i love advertising and know i would be great at it but i want NEED to learn more about becoming dynamic force in advertising using the tools the internect provides. its such a beautiful day, i want to create an ad about beauty based on today!


I have no idea how to blog or how to use this or how to do my assignment!!! i am frustrated and angered at the moment!!!! can someone please save me from this??? I dont even own a computer!!