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Bristol Palin is the CEO of a public relations firm!

Could this be? Bloomberg is reporting that republican Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin’s daughter just opened up her own public relations firm which makes me wonder is my degree worth anything! So often in this country we confuse celebrity with credibility. I understand that notion that getting people to know who you are is half the battle when you are trying to get your message out to the public but having those who are clearly unqualified take on public relations tasks simple because they think they can do it is downright insulting!
Bristol Palin, a teen mother and brand new “spokesperson” for abstinence is not even a high school graduate but now is CEO of her very own PR firm. I wonder how she would handle a public relations crisis, after you do something judge others and then be the poster boy for just not doing whatever it was that got you in trouble in the first place…that’s just a thought or I’ve got it use a little Alaskan spunk to make people take you seriously!
It’s just amazing to me that there are some many college educated people looking for jobs and someone with no training or experience can jump in the field simply because they want to.
In September 2009, Palin formed BSMP, a lobbying, public relations, and political consulting services firm.[30] While the initial focus will be working with Candie’s Foundation, BSMP will expand to work with additional clients.[31