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Am I ready for the world of Public Relations?

As the semester comes to a close, I wonder how important my newly earned degree in public relations actually is. I hear professors of public relations repeat the importance of public relations but then when your out in the world there is a different story. Are companies clamoring to hire public relations graduates? No, more likely accountants and engineers. I wish that in my short time at Georgia Southern University I could have gotten a more hands on approach to PR versus term paper and theory education. It seems like people in other majors come out of school prepared to work in their fields, not come out of school looking for experience to put on a resume since the degree means little to nothing. Perhpas the PR department would be off being a working PR firm where students actually work at the firm not spend time writing term papers or taking tests or the worst having a huge “real” experience project crammed in the end of the semester. Perhaps, I would feel more confindnet if knew about how public realtions firms work, had actual public relation experience (earned during school) or didn’t have to spend so much time reminded myself that school is abosilutely NOTHING like school. No, you dont loose points for being tardy and no, you are not expected to get fired on your training but hey I guess there is a reason you go to college straight out of high shcool…you have never been out in the world so you dont know any better.


Why t-mobile needs help

When will t-mobile get it? they used to thive on great customer service and effecient service but they are seem to thrive on making products that sound cool but are really garbage. At what point will t-mobile send a press release to a regular magazine or website that promotes a cool, simple and working cell phone at a decent price? Althought the Charles Barkley, Dwayne Wade and Dwight Howard commericals are great they fail to ever address the issues. Why not take it viral? or hey here’s an idea that a certain fruit company did, make a cool simple easy to use product that doesnt constantly freeze. And how effective is public relations if they have completely forgotten about CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Dominos is still making strides

After the mess at Domino’s when employees helped destroy the image of Domino’s pizza with lude behavior while a work, Dominos is still striving to let people know they are revamped and up for a challenge. Domino’s used public relations to fix what the new wave of social media helped destroy. Domino’s is great example of effective public relations. When a video surfaced on you tube and twitter Domino’s went straight to the same media to address the issue. Domino’s started research and discovered they need to improve their pizza and let people know they are still a force in the fast food pizza world. Great job!

can public relations change society?

Shock Jock Howard Stern recently earned criticism for his opinions of new Hollywood starlet Gabourey Sidibe. Sidibe plays in the film “precious” and is an overweight dark skinned African-American actress whom Stern thinks Hollywood will never let become famous outside of playing roles about ugly, fat, black women due to her looks and size. Although several have come to the young actresses’ defense, I wonder how accurate Stern actually is.
How many other fat actresses are superstars? What about dark skinned Black actresses? A combination of both? There are virtually no actresses who break the mold when it comes to superstars. So could Stern be right? Can all the right public relations change the status quo of beauty?
I believe that unfortunately, like Stern, she will always be typecast and after her fame from the movie Precious fades she will either play only similar roles or none at all simply because of her looks. Hollywood is a very fickle place and prides itself on a particular look and I don’t think that all the positive PR in the world could really change that. If people, women in particular, learned to love themselves for who they were and not for who Hollywood tells them they should be who would buy all the magazines and follow all the celebrities?

Has Toyota used public relations effectively?

how do you go from a brand with one of the most solid reputations to facing crisis in a matter of days? Bad public relations. When Toyota first found out about the acceleration problems with their vehicles a smart choice would have been to acknowledge the problem and offer to fix it rather than getting defensive, blaming the drivers and then later coming clean about the manufacturing problems. Toyota should have addressed the problem head on instead of covering it up in Watergate type secret emails. Now, Toyota is at a point where they not only have to deal with fixing the initial problem but rebuilding their reputation and customer satisfaction. They have started with a new line up of commercials that showcase new Toyota owners who are expressing their unfaltering support of Toyota cars and Toyota factory workers expressing their dedication to making a good product. Although, I think the commercials are a good idea I think a good way to get people to start to trust in Toyota again is a few PSA’s or personal commercial for the CEO and the President of Toyota, North America just show some concern from the top down.

what if poor people had access to public relations?

Who speaks for the poor? How do they get their voice heard? What if poor people had access to public relations? Would the world change of be different? I believe the answer is yes. Ironically, people are taught how important groups are and working together yet the people who have no choice but to follow those rules are the people who do not have a voice and do not get heard. I’d like to use hurricane Katrina victims for example, if the poor people had a voice would they still be left to fend for themselves? If the people in the 9th ward of New Orleans knew how to write a press release detailing the storm that was approaching and the lackluster condition of the levees do you think the press would have a paid attention? What if those dying of hungry and thirst knew how to call a press conference to discuss the dire conditions they were experiencing post levee break, do you think then people would have paid attention? What about if the members of the 9th ward mostly poor and undedicated, knew that the best way to get help through duty, or at the very least sympathy was to choose what images were released to press by strategically picking images of less poor, less uneducated and less Black babies, children and elderly then were actually effected, would that have changed the response time? If the community of the 9th ward knew how to market themselves as important and influential that they would have their homes rebuilt by the insurance companies like many of the wealthy that continue to re-build their million dollar summer homes on exclusive areas of the gulf coast after storms?
I wonder what would happen if poor people had access to public relations

I spent long enough in hollywood to know everything is fake.

I hate to say it but this is an almost accurate portrayal of how public relations works in Hollywood. Hollywood and the entertainment industry is a different beast from corporate public relations or marketing altogether. In the entertainment industry, to be a successful public relations practitioner you need to get the job done, get publicity and do it anyway short of illegal…some of course to cross the line of ethical and illegal but in general you must how to create, maintain and recreate a fake world(image) that your celebrity client can be shown in the best light. Although, its fast paces and excited it is definitely not for the faint of heart.